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If you're looking to build a new home, replace an older failing septic system or subdivide property, it is important to properly address your soil and septic system needs. I can assure you my vast experience and knowledge of septic systems and septic system design will make this a successful process so necessary permits may be attained to move your project forward. I am a Licensed Site Evaluator & Certified Septic Inspector with over 21 years of experience. I have built a successful business by promptly returning phone calls, making and keeping appointments, working closely with my clients to achieve their goals and am known for producing very clear, precise legible designs delivered in a timely manner.

A Soil Test and Septic Design is the starting point to installing any type of septic system on your property, the test and design are typically done at the same time as they are essentially one in the same. The soil test determines soil suitability, system size and elevation, while the design process involves selecting a system type, locating the proposed septic system area on-site and producing a set of installation and permitting plans known as the HHE-200 form; this entire process is referred to as a Site Evaluation and with all the rules, regulations and many types of systems available, this process can feel overwhelming, however with my years of experience the process will be easy for you. I work closely with home owners, excavating contractors, real estate brokers, builders, surveyors, engineers and architects to assure the septic system is sited in such a way as to blend into the landscape whenever possible without interfering with other elements of the lots proposed use. I also work with a network of contractors whom you can trust when it is time to install your septic system.

Soil Testing

Property Line Maintenance

Septic System Design

Landscape Design

Site Evaluation

Septic System Inspection

Timber Harvesting

Types of Septic Systems Available

Pipe & Stone Beds

Concrete Chambers

GSF Units

Pipe & Stone Trenches

Plastic Chambers

Leaching Tubes or Pipes

Plastic Aggregate Tubes

Advanced Treatment Systems (Including drip irrigation / emitter hose systems)

Let me help select the proper septic system for your site and soil conditions.

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A Preliminary Soil Test is just the soil test and site investigation to determine if a lot is suitable for septic system installation under the current State of Maine Subsurface Wastewater Disposal Rules. Preliminary soil tests are typically done for clients who are buying, selling or dividing land and involves locating and marking the test area on–site, followed with a report of the results and sketch showing the tests location.

A Septic System Inspection is the process of evaluating the current condition of an existing septic system or trouble shooting a problem system. Typically these inspections are done when a home is being sold or a system is not functioning properly. The older the system, the more difficult it might be to evaluate its condition.

I also offer other services outside of soil testing and septic system design, including septic system inspections, site evaluation, property line maintenance, landscape design, and timber harvesting.

Licensed Site Evaluator * Certified Septic Inspector